Rachel Lupercio 
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate


                                    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate
                                                                      Excelerated Living


                                  1000 E. Cesar Chavez, Ste 201
                                        Austin, Texas 78702


Is there a part of you that is causing you pain or distress? Facing these thoughts, feelings or emotions through counseling is the first step towards your healing.  As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate Rachel specializes in counseling the individual, couples, or adolescent, and group therapy.  Her work as your counselor can revolve around life transitions, caregiver stress, addiction, co-dependency, grief and loss, anger, fear, anxiety, or depression.  Rachel Lupercio will provide you with a comfortable and safe environment to be you and express your internal struggles.  It is her calling and passion as a counselor is to be instrumental in your healing.

As a counselor Rachel realizes that we are relational beings affected by our interpersonal connections.  Individual struggles at times can cause roadblocks and hinder our success with our relationships and a more fulfilled life.  As your counselor and through a therapeutic relationship she will walk with you through your valley to your mountain top.

Rachel offers hypnotherapy to her clients as an adjunct to therapy work as well as a stand-alone environment with the intention to improve conditions of the mind and body. 

As a Life Coach Rachel works with her clients to create an even more fulfilling life through meeting their goals and desires. Rachel works with her clients to conquer limiting beliefs and hindrances to gain higher levels of success.  

Rachel has dedicated her life through the counseling field to helping others reach their full potential and believes that honesty, integrity, and a healthy perspective are essential components of happiness. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Rachel Lupercio, call 1-888-593-2081 today.


              "Living a life excelerated and in the spirit of excellence"

Life Coach
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